Mistress Hibiki visited OWK in August 2009

I was in OWK in August 2009, and had a great time!  It was one of my best trips ever!   And me and Mistress Mao made the first OWK videos with Japanese Mistresses! You find some pictures here!   Mistress Hibiki writes a blog (only in japanese) about her days, and of course she had to write a lot about the trip to OWK.  She wrote about the mornings in OWK: If you look at outside from the window, the slave with the attached collar is carrying breakfast to the mistress in his bareness. Nice view!

Mistress Hibiki also wrote that "we learned that in OWK 'Thank-you', 'Please' or 'Excuse me' and the like is used in to the slaves too much. Better is just give a command!"

Monday we started thinking about the movies, and trying to make up a script. The ladies asked what they had to do, and the advice was that "the OWK script is very easy! A slave makes a mistake, and that is a good reason for punishment! It can be whipping, caning, prison. The punishment does not matter so much, the important part is that it is visible that the lady punishes, and that the slave suffers. And the video has to be 60 minutes. So you have to make some 90 minutes of scenes. There can be only two places / scenes (t least indoors), it takes too much time to set the video lights for many different places. We settled on doing much of the video outdoors, as light is almost always excellent there. Unless it rains. "But we would like you to do the movie outdoors if it rains", said the video crew. At least it would give them a different kind of video!

There was quite some language problems at the beginning, settling on what the manuscript should be. Once that was done the only problem was getting the ladies to speak loud enough, so that they seem like Mistresses, and so they can be heard on the video! First out was Mistress Mao, doing a video about punishing a waiter that spilled her drink. Quite a natural OWK story. This video was entirely made outdoors. First a little bit of whipping, then suspending the slave in japanese rope bondage, and then going on to a little more candle play.

Next video was a pony-race with the two mistresses. The idea was of course "the winner gets to lick my boots, the looser gets punished", and it took a few rehearsals for Mistress Hibiki to get it right, and to shout it loud! The race was not that long, the video crew just needed a few scens of running - the main footage would be the punishment anyway. The slaves got trampled, and then one was beaten extra much, but he was still very happy!

No further travel plans, at the moment.  However Mistress Hibiki is planning to visit Spain, .Belgium and Holland soon.