Mobilteleguiden 95 - "Cellphone Buyers Guide 95"

This book was written and published in 1995. It was intended as a buyers guide for new customers, and give some additional facts for those who already have a cellphone.

The book contains 144 pages, of which 16 are a market survey, 38 are advertisements, and I did write 57 of the text pages. Some pages, mainly the advertisements, are in colour, and the remaining pages are in black and white. Below you will find a link to my part of the text, in swedish only, as well as the contents.

I wrote about half of the book, the rest was done by other authors and by the editorial staff.

Read the text (about 600 Kb) (only in swedish)


The art of choosing

What cellphone suits me?

Market survey

All GSM-phones

All NMT 900-phones

All NMT 450-phones

The mystery of the Brand Name

Operators and the systems

Which offer what - and how

Additional services

Much service to get


Cheap phones and tricky tarifs


The things that make the phone better

Survey, Accessories

Typical examples of useful accessories

The technology behind

This is how the phones and the networks function

The Future

The target - a personal phone for everyone

Who is selling?

All of the MTL-shops in Sweden

What is it?

Dictionary for phone customers

What is going to happen to NMT 900?

How long will NMT 900 be with us?


Finding words in Mobilteleguiden